Be Careful When Looking For Free Bible Study Materials – Know Your Stuff!

With the popularity of the internet today, and the vast resources that are poured into it, it’s a prime place for doing research. One can look up just about anything and find huge amounts of information! But for Christians, there is a need for caution, and not just in general research. If you’re looking for information on spiritual matters, it’s important to be careful and know your stuff!

What “stuff” do you need to know?

o According to the Bible, who is God?
o According to the Bible, who is man?
o According to the Bible, what is sin?
o According to the Bible, who is Jesus?
o According to the Bible, what is salvation?
o According to the Bible, how do God, man, sin, Jesus and salvation relate?

These are just the basics that you need to know. There are, of course, many more topics for Bible study, and there are many who want to give their own interpretation of Scripture cfa level 2 study material.

o Baptism- Necessary or not? Sprinkling or immersion? Infant or not?
o Prayer- Is it important? Does God hear everyone’s prayers? How should one pray?
o Faith- Is amount of faith important? How does it relate to salvation?
o Good works- A part of salvation or not? How important are they?

Why are these things important to know?

Whatever you choose as your study guide must be in line with what the Bible says. If the materials you’re researching don’t clearly follow the Bible, discard those materials.

The Bible specifically talks about those who will twist the Word of God, “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravaging wolves.” (Matthew 7:15) Just because they claim the “Christian” label doesn’t mean that they intend to teach the Bible clearly, as it is written. Be careful!

If you’ve never before studied the Bible and are looking for studies to teach you about it, look for materials that answer the first list of questions. Be sure it’s the Bible being clearly explained, and not someone’s personal interpretation. I recommend finding something that will give you an overview of the Bible. Then you will have a solid understanding and a foundation on which to build.

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