8 Ways to make Your Products’ Custom Packaging for Shipping

Custom boxes; shipping, the best option!


With the growing trend of online shopping, the ways to deliver your desired product has often been quite challenging. Custom boxes for shippingmake the entire process of shipping much more convenient and easier for you, the shipping company and the consumer receiving the product, with customizable details and important labels to aid the shipping. There are following 8 ways that can help your product in being packaged for shipping.


1) The less, the better:


Make sure your box can completely fit your product. When it comes to packaging, no one prefers an oversized hamper. By altering the size of the package in regards with the product, you are not only saving money by reducing the charges of shipping, but you are also making a good impression. Remember how your Iphone boxes look like? They take minimalism to its core. Custom boxes for shipping should be as precise as possible.


2) Boxes, or not?

Just know what is better for your product, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a box. You also have an option to choose from:

  • Cut out wraps.
  • Mailer envelopes.
  • E-commerce boxes

Whatever that proves to reduce the size further is definitely what is right for shipping!

3) Filling:

The filling of your package depends on how expensive or fragile your product is. Bubble cushion is best for protection, but you can also take packaging paper or packing peanuts under your consideration. Whatever makes the customers happy!

4) Environmental-friendly:

Recyclable and reusable packaging can offer a strong and reliable grip. This will certainly put you in the good books of your customers.

5) Return-friendly:

People look forward to buy such products that have an easy to avail return policies. There are tear strips on mailer envelopes and second adhesives trips for sealing the packaging that can make the product ready for its return journey.

6) Be consistent:

Decide on one thing, and stick to it. You don’t have to waste your money on varieties of material when you can slay the overall presentation with a single material and technique. Not only this, the consistency seen in your packaging can tell people that it is from you, without even having to hold it.

7) Surprise element:

Revealing the product should be a mystery. Use tissue paper or crinkle papers to veil the product which can enhance the touch of elegance. In addition this, tissues and papers are very light that can contribute into easy shipping of the package.

8) Labeling:

Labels are very necessary when you are delivering a product. It is crucial to add the information on the packaging regarding:

  • The product
  • Contact number.
  • Any safety measures.

This will firstly give a good impression and can also tell shippers that how much careful they have to be with the package. Mention the warnings if there are any. Custom boxes for shipping usually have the labels printed over them.

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